Ancient Observatories: Timeless Knowledge

This is a series of four videos from NASA Connect called Ancient Observatories: Timeless Knowledge. These videos explore the ancient foundations of astronomy and how they explain the relationships between the Earth and celestial bodies.

To view videos, select them from the playlist above.

  • Archeoastonomy: The foundations of astronomy, how the Earth moves relative to the sun, how the Earth's tilt creates the 4 seasons.
  • Ancient Observatories: How Ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures used astronomy in their lives, plus an activity for exploring how a gnomon works.
  • Indigenous Astronomers: How the Navajo used used structures to track progress of the sun in the sky.
  • Mayan Astronomy: A look at some accomplishments of the Ancient Mayan civilization, including a comparison of the Mayan counting system to the Roman system.

This videos were produced in 2005 and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.